Logistic Services

CNF Freight Services is a logistic services company that strives to provide the most dependable and affordable services to their customers every time. Working in both local and international logistics, they pride themselves in having a comprehensive and solid network with state of the art clearing and forwarding systems. Their logistic services make them an integral part of their clients’ businesses, as they also offer warehousing, distribution, insurance, reverse deliveries and other related services.

The logistic services offered by CNF Freight Services are diverse and integral to the successful operating of local and international business. They offer daily airfreight services to and from all major airports, including speed Direct flights, Express consolidation, and other options. If necessary they also offer an ocean freight option sailing to and from all major ports, and all sailings offered via direct and transshipment ports are weekly, fortnightly, and once a month. Other aspects of the logistic services offered by CNF Freight Services include export and import forwarding, customs release, warehousing, IT systems to aid inventory management, project management, supply chain and cartage. You’ll find all of your local and international logistical needs met here, with a high standard of service, as well as premier integrity and efficiency.

Allow CNF Freight Services to become a part of your company’s dealings locally and worldwide. Their success will become yours, and their affordable and world-class logistic services will boost the reputation of any company who works with them. To find out more about the logistic services, and other information, contact CNF Freight Services on +27 11 475 4471 or e-mail jeron@cnffreight.co.za.